What is teamwork, what are the key factors for successful teamwork, and how do you motivate a team? These questions were answered by Product Manager Evgeniya Korsak exclusively for our Anywhere Club blog.

Teamwork: 5 Factors of Effective Interaction

Project Management – 8 min read – January 03, 2023

My first experience of guest blogging finally came true! In affiliation with Paralect, Inc. and thanks to my dear friend John McTavish, we have published a post encompassing some of my experience as an IT project manager: Six Key Aspects of Transparent Project Management.

In this post I’m tossing some ideas about whys & hows of keeping things crystal clear in your project.

Check out the post and feel free to reach me out for some discussion on the topic! Cheers!

Project Management – 8 min read – January 16, 2020