Humanizer is my state of mind!

Hi! I’m Evgeniya, or, as most of my English-speaking friends know me, Jane. I’ve been working in IT sphere for almost 9 years, in different roles (QA, Scrum Master, Agile Project manager), 6 of which I work with teams and focus mainly on improving their performance. I’m obsessed with empowering people around me with new knowledge and skills, big picture and richer contexts. I’m a big fan of psychology, communication and cognitive studies.

Most of my blogging revolves around continuous process improvement through understanding communication, boosting collaboration, encouraging systems thinking, understanding emotions and motives, as well as shaping the right attitude. I blog in two languages (RU, EN) and always happy to connect!

I also write for other blogs and you can find some of my guest posts in Guest Blogging.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

What I’m into


How can we be sure the message we send is delivered exactly the same shape and meaning? One should dig into the way communication works to make sure it’s as close as it can be.


Motives, behaviours, moods and attitudes. We live in a complicated world created by people and for people. To make it all work, we should know the creator very well.

systems thinking

Everything is interconnected. One decision today gives birth to thousands of decisions tomorrow. Systems thinking is a magic wand we need to make them work.

organization learning

People work best together. Teams and organization are here to motivate, boost collaboration and foster the best of peoples’ skills and knowledge. Not the opposite.


Product Manager @Wowmaking

2020 – 2022

QA Lead, Scrum master, Agile PM @Viber

2013 – 2019

Agile Pm @Vigbo

2019 – 2020

QA Engineer @EPAM & Viaden

2011 – 2013

Let’s make something together.